were the blogs going .

Hi everybody,

Today I’m  going to be telling you why I have not been blogging and telling you were the blogs going.

So I haven blogged in just over a month and I am so sorry so me and my cat (Mog) have been deciding that the blogs are going to carry on! So I’ve made a plan this is the time and days the blogs are going up.

Days: Monday Wednesday Friday Sunday (every other day)
Time: 6;30 (uk time)  12:30 pm (usa time)

So I hope you can forgive me but there is so many grate blogs comeing.

I love you all so much

but one last thing at the end of all my blogs there will be a question for you to answer in you head or comment (for me to read if I’m not well and to comment back) or to dm me on instergram @halfordmillie because I love reading comments as you would know as on blogger.


what blogs would you want to read?
I could be q and a or anything.

Gentle hugs,
Millie. xoxoxoxo xoxoxoxo

but today my blogs are up at today sunday still one tomorrow tho x


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