Millie is 11 years old and started blogging a year ago to share her experience with Fibromyalgia, Grade 1 Chiari Malformation, Chronic Asthma and Coeliacs Disease. She quickly received 2000 views and realised that not only was it a place for her to express her feelings but also a place for others to share their experiences and advice.  Millie finds writing helps her express how she feels living with chronic illness and the difficulties it presents being a child.

This blog is primarily a place for Millie to share her experience of growing up as a child with multiple disabilities and she creates posts independently several times a week. Although all posts are checked by an adult, they are left mostly untouched and unedited so please excuse spelling and grammatical errors as it has been decided that the posts will better reflect Millie.

The blog will also feature posts from Millie’s family. Millie’s Mum and  three sisters have also got Fibromyalgia along with other debilitating conditions and as they post they will introduce themselves.

Millie hopes you enjoy reading her blog and is looking forward to hearing from you.